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Guide PHIT Data: Health Care Facility Data

This dataset provides information on health care facilities licensed or certified by the Department of Public Health. The data includes street addresses, the number of beds, if it is an inpatient facility, and the specialized services provided depending on the type of facility.

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The Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification is responsible for the licensure of health care facilities under state law, and the certification of health care facilities and agencies participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  This dataset contains facility information for facility types overseen by the Division, except for clinical laboratories.  The source for these data elements are licensure or certification applications and renewals from facilities that are required or wish to be licensed by the Department of Public Health and/or certified for Medicare/Medicaid purposes.     

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This dataset is useful for understanding access in geographic regions and creating lists of facilities by type to include facility/agency names and addresses, and where applicable, by the number and type of beds, and by licensed services provided.  Aggregate summary counts of beds by type as well as by licensed services can also be created.

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Facility information represents the most recent licensing data available at the time of the report. Please note that nursing home and hospital bed totals may include beds temporarily out of service, and not the total number of active beds in a facility.

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