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Apply for, Enroll in, and Increase Life Insurance

Here is how to enroll in and apply for Basic and Optional Life insurance and instructions for applying to increase Optional Life coverage.
New state employees may enroll in Optional Life Insurance for a coverage amount of up to eight times your salary within 10 days of hire without the need for any medical review.

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The Details

What you need

What you need: If you did not enroll in Basic Life Insurance as a new hire, you can enroll during Annual Enrollment for coverage effective July 1. State employees actively at work who have a qualified family status change during the year may enroll in or increase their coverage without any medical review in an amount up to a coverage limit not to exceed four times their salary provided that the GIC receives proof, within 31 days, of the qualifying event. Family status changes include the following events:  marriage, birth/adoption, legal separation, divorce or death of spouse.  Forms and documentation received after the 31-day window will be denied.

How to apply

State employees, return completed Enrollment/Change Form-1 to your GIC Coordinator. If applying within 30 days of a qualifying event, you must also include the qualifying event documentation: marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption placement letter, legal separation/ divorce agreement, or death certificate of spouse.

If you are applying for Optional Life Insurance:

You must provide evidence of good health. Upon receipt of your completed form, the GIC will notify The Hartford of your application and The Hartford will send you instructions on how to apply online or get an application.  If you do not complete the Evidence of Insurability process by the due date indicated by the life insurance carrier, your file will be closed.



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Main Phone (617) 727-2310

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