Enroll in, apply for, or cancel Long Term Disability (LTD)

Here is how to enroll in, apply for, and cancel Long Term Disability insurance.
Eligible state employees can enroll within 31 days of hire.




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The Details

What you need

If you are an eligible state employee and do not enroll when first hired, you can apply for LTD coverage during Annual Enrollment, or at any time during the year. You must provide evidence of good health for Unum's approval to enter the plan. LTD coverage can be canceled throughout the year. Enrollment and cancellation effective dates are determined by the GIC.

How to manage

Return the completed form to your GIC coordinator

More info

If you are a state employee who has applied for LTD during the year, you must provide evidence of good health. Upon receipt of your completed form, the GIC will notify Unum of your application and Unum will send you a medical form to complete and return. If approved by Unum, the GIC will notify you of your effective date.





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