Enroll in, change, cancel, or add and drop spouse and dependents from GIC basic life and health insurance and retiree dental coverage as an RMT

Here is how to enroll in, change, cancel, add and drop spouse and dependents from GIC health and retiree dental insurance during Annual Enrollment and with a qualifying event as a GIC RMT.
Eligible GIC RMTs may join, change, cancel coverage, and add and drop their spouse and dependents during Annual Enrollment, and within 60 days of a qualifying status change, such as marriage, birth and adoption.

Group Insurance Commission

The Details

What you need

If you are a retired teacher from a city, town or school district whose school district participates in the GIC’s RMT program, had basic life or health coverage through the school system you retired from on the date of your retirement, and receive a pension from the Teachers’ Retirement Board, you are eligible for GIC coverage.

To add a spouse or dependent to coverage, documentation (e.g., copy of marriage or birth certificate) is required to accompany the form.

 If enrolling within 60 days of a qualifying event, you must attach proof of the qualifying event to your enrollment form.


How to manage

Return completed enrollment, opt-in and dis-enrollment forms, by the deadline noted, to:

P.O. Box 8747
Boston, MA  02114

More info

Keep in mind that once you choose a health plan, you may not change plans until the next annual enrollment, even if your doctor or hospital leaves the plan during the year.

NOTE - the following GIC health plans are not available to RMTs: Harvard Pilgrim Independence Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Primary Choice Plan, Tufts Health Plan Navigator, Tufts Health Plan Spirit, UniCare State Indemnity Plan/Community Choice and PLUS.



Mailing Address
P.O. Box 8747, Boston, MA 02114
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19 Staniford St, Boston, MA 02114


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