Fire Department Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant

Fire departments can apply for funding for NFPA-compliant washer-extractors to clean personal protective equipment (PPE).

Timothy Moore

The Details of Fire Department Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant

What you need for Fire Department Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant

The goal of the Washer–Extractor Equipment Grant is to improve firefighter health and safety by preventing and reducing exposure to cancer causing chemicals. Funds can be used to purchase NFPA-compliant washer-extractors. Round 2 (FY19) applications were due by 5 p.m. February 3, 2020 at the DFS Stow campus.

Funds for this program will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis only. Satisfactory proof of purchase and payment will be required before funds are released. All departments awarded a grant through this program will be required to submit a final report summarizing all grant activity prior to receiving reimbursement. See below for detailed reimbursement request instructions.

How to submit Fire Department Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant

Download and complete the final report form and submit it to the Department of Fire Services by July 31, 2020. This form should be used by departments who received an award through either the Round 1 (FY20) or Round 2 (FY19) Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant Program.

Along with the final report, the following documents should be attached to request reimbursement:

  1. Copy of the invoice from the vendor
  2. Copy of the packing slip from the vendor or shipping company
  3. Proof of payment (copy of check or other financial system record)

Washer-Extractor Grant Final Report Form

All reimbursement documents should be emailed to Please do not mail hard copies.

Contact for Fire Department Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant

1 State Road, Stow, MA 01775