How to request VPN service and support

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows remote users to securely access an agency's applications and resources within MAGNet (Massachusetts Access to Government Network).

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To request VPN Services, Commonwealth employees or business partners of other Secretariats, Constitutional Offices, Independent Agencies, or the Legislative or Judicial Branches should contact their IT Business manager and refer to their unit-specific business and security procedures.

To request VPN support, all State Employees can call the CommonHelp Service Desk at (866) 888-2808 or email

VPN Services are supported by multiple IT organizations across the Commonwealth, some of which have separate Service Desks. If you do not know which Service Desk supports your VPN Service, you can call the CommonHelp Service Desk for support at the above phone number. If you are a Dorfsmain VPN user (DOR and ANF IT Chelsea), you may find it fastest to call the ANF IT Service Desk at (617) 887-5911.

RMV Business partners should contact the Verizon Helpdesk at (888) 216-2063

How to request

Commonwealth Employees should contact their IT Business Manager. You can also contact CommonHelp for assistance at (866) 888-2808.


In addition to your Secretariat/Agency Service Desk, Commonwealth Employees can also email the CommonHelp Service Desk at

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The Virtual Private Network (VPN) Process

The process outlined for both internal and external requests.

  • VPN

    VPN allows a remote user, external to MAGNet (Massachusetts Access to Government Network), to securely access an agency's applications and resources within MAGNet. The VPN certificate acts as an ID for the external user. The certificates are issued by Verizon and managed by Systems Security Unit.

  • Limited VPN

    Limited VPN is a request to add, change or delete access for a group of users to specific resources via VPN. This is usually done when contractors and/or Business Partners require remote access to your department's resources.

  • External VPN Requests

    This request is for a new VPN certificate for remote access to MAGNet by an agency other than EOTSS, and to submit a request for Contractor/Business Partners requiring a Non-Employee VPN Group.

  • Internal VPN Requests

    This request is for SSL VPN for EOTSS employees and business partners only.



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