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Implicit Bias Train-the-Trainer

Prospective instructors must complete the Implicit Bias train-the-trainer to qualify as an instructional trainer authorized to teach in-service within their own police department or on behalf of the MPTC and MPTC authorized police training organizations.

Dori-Ann Ference, Curriculum Development Coordinator

The Details of Implicit Bias Train-the-Trainer

What you need for Implicit Bias Train-the-Trainer

Instructor Qualifications are: A police office for 5 years (active or retired) and will meet the MPTC Instructor Certification Process.

Implicit Bias T/T will be on line through a live zoom meeting (training). Prospective instructors must sign up through ACADIS to have access to the link to enter the meeting (class).


  1. Implicit Bias T/T – October 26th  9AM-noon
  2. Implicit Bias T/T – October 29th  9AM-noon 


How to register Implicit Bias Train-the-Trainer

Contact for Implicit Bias Train-the-Trainer

Western Mass Police Academy
c/o Springfield Technical Community College, 1 Armory Square, Building #11, Springfield, MA 01102
(413) 755-6331