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Pay your quarterly administration fee

Statewide Contractors must use the Secure Payment Portal to report their sales activity for the previous quarter and remit the associated 1% Administration Fee.
Administration Fee payments are due to the Operational Services Division on or before 45 days following the close of each calendar quarter.

Administration Fee Help

The Details of Pay your quarterly administration fee

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Administration Fee payments also apply to any quarter that the contractor participates on the contract less than a full calendar quarter (i.e. if the contract starts after the first day or ends before the last day of the quarter). Statewide Contractors who fail to make prescribed quarterly Administrative Fee payments will be considered in breach of contract.

Quarterly Administration Fee Schedule

Quarter Payment Period Quarterly Payment Due Date
First Quarter January 1st - March 31st May 15th
Second Quarter April 1st -  June 30th August 15th
Third Quarter July 1st - September 30th November 15th
Fourth Quarter October 1st - December 31st February 15th


Following the close of each payment period, Statewide Contractors will receive an e-mail from OSD that includes information to enable submission of payments via OSD’s Secure Payment Center.

Important Update: Administration Fee Reporting Process Changing with FY23 Q1 Reporting

As the Operational Services Division communicated on May 5, 2022, OSD is working with our Vendor Report Management (VRM) provider to build an interface to enhance the VRM portal to include Administration Fee reporting and payment through the Secure Payment Center. The new interface will enable Statewide Contract Vendors to log into one portal - the VRM system - to submit quarterly Sales and Supplier Diversity Plan reports, as well as Administration Fee Payments. 

OSD is on track to launch the new Administration Fee reporting process in October 2022 beginning with FY23 Q1 reporting (July 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022).

Refer questions to the OSD Admin Fee Administrator.

How to pay Pay your quarterly administration fee

All Administration Fee payments must be submitted through the Secure Payment Center, which only accepts Automatic Clearing House (ACH) debit or credit card payments. Checks are not accepted as a form of payment unless approved by the Statewide Contract Manager.

  • Payments made via ACH debit will have no associated fee.

  • Credit card payments (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and/or Visa) will incur a non-refundable convenience fee, which is in addition to the 1% Administration Fee.



Next steps for Pay your quarterly administration fee

Pay through the Secure Payment Center

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As part of the Secure Payment Center payment process, Statewide Contractors also will submit their Quarterly Statewide Contractor Administration Fee Report.

Statewide Contractors who have questions about using the Secure Payment Center or the Administration Fee process, are encouraged to visit our Administration Fee Frequently Asked Questions page or send an email to the OSD Fee Administrator at osdfeeadministrator@mass.gov. Other Administration Fee questions or updates to Statewide Contractor contact information should be directed to the appropriate Statewide Contract Manager at OSD.

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