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Reduce coverage amount, change, or cancel life insurance

Here is how to change, reduce, or cancel optional life insurance coverage.

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State employees and retiring state employees can return the completed Form 1 to their GIC Coordinator.



Retired state employees should mail Form 1A to the GIC:

P.O. Box 8747
Boston, MA 02114

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The Commonwealth offers $5,000 of Basic Life Insurance to all active state employees and most retirees who have health coverage through the GIC. Optional Life Insurance is available to active state employees and retired state employees.

Smoker status: At initial enrollment or during annual enrollment, if you have been tobacco-free (have not smoked cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, used snuff, chewing tobacco or a nicotine delivery system) for at least the past 12 months, you are eligible for reduced Optional Life Insurance rates. You will be required to periodically re-certify your non-smoking status in order to qualify for the lower rates. Changes is smoking status made during annual enrollment will become effective July 1.

Retirement: Before retirement, you should review the amount of your Optional Life Insurance coverage and its cost to determine whether it will make economic sense for you to keep it or reduce your amount of coverage by completing Form-1A and returning to your GIc Coordinator.. If you make no change to your optional life coverage at retirement, you will be responsible for the retiree optional life insurance premium, which can be substantial. Optional Life Insurance rates significantly increase when you retire, and continue to increase based on your age.

Decrease or Cancel Coverage: If you are an active employee and want to decrease or drop optional life insurance at any time during the year, complete the Enrollment/Change Form-1 and give it your GIC Coordinator. Retirees may decrease or drop coverage at any time by sending the completed form to the GIC.

Smoker status changes made during Annual Enrollment will be effective July 1.  You will periodically be asked to recertify your smoker status.

Cancellation and coverage change effective dates are determined by the GIC upon receipt of completed form.


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P.O. Box 8747, Boston, MA 02114
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Main Phone (617) 727-2310

M-F 8:45 a.m.-5 p.m.



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