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Register as a patient with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program

Qualifying patients may register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program to access marijuana for medical use at RMDs in Massachusetts.
Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Your plastic Program ID card will be mailed in 1-2 weeks after your application is approved.

Medical Use of Marijuana Program


Virtual Gateway Password Retrieval (800) 421-0938

The Details

What you need

Before registering as a patient with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program, you must:
  • Get a certification. You need to be certified by a qualified health care provider. Schedule an appointment with your health care provider and ask about the Medical Use of Marijuana Program.
  • Once certified, your health care provider will give you a PIN number to register with the Program

In order to register online in the MMJ Online System, you will need:
  • Your PIN number, given to you by your health care provider
  • Current, acceptable form of identification (ID)
  • Current, accepted photograph of yourself
    • If registering online, you may be able to use your MA RMV photo during the Upload Photo step.
  • An accepted form of payment or proof of verified financial hardship
    • Accepted forms of payment include credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer

See our patient guidance for MMJ registration for full details.


Name Fee Unit
MMJ patient registration $50 per patient
MMJ patient ID card replacement $10 each

How to register

Online registration through the Medical Use of Marijuana (MMJ) Online System is the fastest way enroll.

  • The first time you register online, you will need to register with Virtual Gateway (VG)
  • One you log in to VG, you can register with the MMJ Online System. Enter your username and password and select Medical Use of Marijuana System.
  • This is also where you will be able to update your information, manage your caregiver(s), or renew your registration.

View patient online MMJ registration step-by-step instructions.

Paper registration is available for those who are unable to register online. This is a more lengthy process. Please call the Program at (617) 660-5370 to request a paper registration form.

Next steps

Selecting a personal caregiver

You have the option of designating a personal caregiver to assist you with your medical use of marijuana.

After your registration has been approved by the Program, you may name up to 2 personal caregivers who are not currently designated by another patient, unless that personal caregiver is your immediate family member.

For detailed instructions on how to register your personal caregiver, please see the patient online MMJ registration step-by-step instructions.

See the clarification of caregivers and approved dispensaries for a description of your caregiver's role.

More info

You must carry your Program ID Card at all times while you are in possession of marijuana for medical use.



99 Chauncy St., 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
Virtual Gateway Password Retrieval (800) 421-0938


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