Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

The Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration (MCSR) expires one year from the date of issue. Medication Administration Program (MAP) sites must renew their registrations annually.

Drug Control Program

The Details of Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

What you need for Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

Youth sites

A youth program site must submit:

  • Copy of site license(s)
  • Copy of current Contract with DMH or DCF
  • MCSR application form

A DMH Youth Therapeutic Day Service must submit:

  • Copy of current contract
  • DMH Letter of support (site address specific)
  • MCSR application form

Adult sites

An adult site must submit:

  • Copy of current DDS/DMH/MRC license
    • And/or current contract with DDS/DMH/MRC
      • If the license and/or contract do not indicate the site address requesting registration, an additional secondary document indicating DDS/DMH/MRC support for the site address is required
  • MCSR application form

More information

Incomplete application forms will be returned and will cause a delay in issuing the site’s MCSR. Copies of documents must be submitted via email to along with a scanned copy of the application form.

Effective immediately, the Medication Administration Program (MAP) Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) certificate will no longer be printed and delivered by mail. 
MAP Policy No. 01-2 Criteria for Site Registration with DPH.

See the guide to completing the MAP MCSR application form (Doc) for full instructions.

How to renew Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

Download the application below.

Complete, sign (not initial), and date the MCSR application form and email a scanned copy to:

You will receive an automated receipt of the application that should keep be kept until the MCSR has been received.  Please do not send questions to this email address.

For questions regarding a MCSR MAP application, please use the following email address:

Downloads for Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

Contact for Renew your MCSR (MAP sites)

250 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02108
(617) 753-8083