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If you or a household member has a disability or is an elder you may benefit from a no interest loan to modify or adapt your home.

Home Modification Loan Program

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The residence's owner must apply for the loan. Some landlords may be eligible for a 3% loan for a tenant with a disability.

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There are 7 agencies throughout the state that administer the loan program for MRC. Applicants should contact the provider in their region. You can contact the provider directly for an application to be sent to you or download the application below. Send the application to your provider for review and eligibility determination. Homeowners then hire the designer and/or the contractor of their choice to modify the home. The Provider Agencies can give you resource materials to choose and hire professionals but cannot recommend specific contractors. If you need help or reasonable accommodations during your application process, please let your local provider know.

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Applications are initially reviewed by regional Provider Agencies to determine both income eligibility and eligibility of the proposed modification. If your application is eligible, you will be notified by the Provider Agency by phone and can expect a Commitment Letter to follow which will include:

  • The amount of the loan, based on the estimated cost of the modification; and
  • Notification that the final loan amount will include the proposed costs of the work performed, plus other Property Owner/Borrowers fees, i.e. origination fees, closing costs, permitting fees, etc.

If the you are not eligible for the Program, you will be notified by the Provider Agency in writing. The Provider Agency will attempt to provide you with appropriate referrals to other programs or sources of funding for which you may be eligible.

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