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Transfer your disability plates to a disability placard

If you want to transfer your existing disability plates to a placard, you may apply to do so.
Processing time varies based upon application volume. Please allow at least 30 business days for processing.

RMV - Medical Affairs Division


Medical Affairs 857-368-8020

The Details

What you need

You may convert or transfer your existing disability passenger plate to a placard. To complete this, submit a signed, written request for a transfer to the RMV's Medical Affairs. Include your current disability passenger plate number and Massachusetts driver's license number. Also, make sure we have your correct mailing address on file or include your correct address with your request.

When the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) processes your written request, instructions for completing the transaction will be sent to you.

How to transfer

To transfer your existing disability passenger plate to a placard, mail your request to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

Attention: Medical Affairs Branch
PO Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889

Bring the written request to the RMV Haymarket Service Center at:

Haymarket Center

3rd Floor
136 Blackstone St.
Boston, MA



Mailing Address
PO Box 55889, Attention: Medical Affairs, Boston, MA 02205-5889
Physical Address
136 Blackstone Street, Haymarket Center, Boston, MA 02109


Medical Affairs 857-368-8020


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