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Applying for a Special Care Residence (SCR) Staffing Exemption

Learn about Executive Office of Elder Affairs exemptions from SCR staffing requirements.

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Exemption Details

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs Secretary has the authority to grant an exemption allowing one staff member and one “Floater” to be on duty during an overnight shift if it is determined that:

  • The physical design of the SCR is conducive to the provision of sufficient care to all residents;
  • Staff members possess the means to conduct immediate communication with each other;
  • The exemption request is not based on a fluctuation in Residence occupancy or level of care need; and
  • The safety and welfare of Residents are not compromised


A Floater is defined as, “[a] staff member of the Residence who is available on an ad hoc basis to assist in times of unusually heavy workload or emergency situations and is not specifically assigned to a group of Residents or unit.”

Exemptions will only be considered appropriate in situations where the physical design and layout of the Residence can accommodate a modified staffing structure while still ensuring that there is sufficient staff to meet all Residents’ needs.

Please note

All ALRs interested in applying for an exemption to SCR staffing requirements must complete an application.

If previously granted an exemption, the ALR is responsible to reapply for the exemption with each biennial recertification application submission.

Prior exemption status is not a guarantee of continued exemption; the ability of the ALR to continue to preserve resident safety in the SCR with altered staffing levels will be reviewed by EOEA during each compliance review. EOEA will review all complete applications submitted and respond in writing.

Completed applications should be submitted to the EOEA Assisted Living Certification Unit.