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Apprentice Agreement form help

Everything you need to fill out your Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) Apprentice Agreement for building trades programs.

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An Apprentice Agreement is a signed commitment between the apprentice and the employer or sponsor.

The apprentice agrees to perform the work and complete the related instruction courses.

Front of the form

Name: Apprentice's legal name

Address: Apprentice's complete home address (number, street/P.O. box, city, state and zip code)

Program Sponsor: Name of company or union sponsoring the apprentice

Trade: Trade for which the apprentice is registering

Term of Apprenticeship: Length of time required to achieve journey person status in specific trade.

Date apprenticeship begins: Date that the apprentice signs the agreement and must be received by DAS within 30 days of that date.

Projected completion date: Date that the apprentice will complete the program and will establish journey person status (if credit for previous experience is granted, then this must be taken into consideration when filling in completion date)

Credit for previous experience: Credit can be given, but cannot be more than 50% f the term of the apprenticeship. Credit experience can be granted by Program Sponsor but must be approved by DAS

Periods: Each period is 1,000 hours and equates to how many steps it would take to achieve journey person status. (i.e.: 8 steps x 1000 hours each = 8000-hour program)

Steps: Each step equates to a certain amount of hours that must be attained in order to graduate to the next step.

Graduated scale of wages: Periods and steps must be the same as what is established on Division of Occupational Safety prevailing wage sheets the wage step progression and percentages will mirror that like occupation for the area. A wage amendment will need to be done when the standards conflict. First step cannot be less than minimum wage as established by M.G.L. Ch. 151 subsection 16.Contact the Division at 617-626-5409 for current progressions and percentages.

Minimum journeyperson rate/date: Minimum rate that a journey person would be hired at on private work, and date that it is established.

Number of hours per day/week/overtime rate: Hours apprentice will work in a day, over a week, and what the overtime rate will be for hours worked over regular work week.

Schooling authorization: When the apprentice signs the apprentice agreement he/she is agreeing to the terms on the reverse side of agreement as well as granting access to DAT to all related instruction records.

Signature of apprentice: Apprentice must sign agreement stating that they have read and agree to the terms of the agreement.

Signature of program sponsor: Designated official signing for sponsor.

Signature of parent/guardian: Signature of legal guardian if necessary.

Address of sponsor: Sponsors place of business or mailing address

Signature of Union: If program sponsor is part of a union, then the union must also sign agreement.

Approved by the DAS: Signature of DAS approval agent and date approved

Back of the form

Cost to be incurred by apprentice: Any costs that the apprentice will incur must be initialed.

Prior employment rate of pay: The amount of pay the apprentice was receiving in prior employment.

Acknowledge receipt of DAS Handbook: Download copy of DAS Handbook for apprentice records. Have apprentice initial.

Acknowledge rights and responsibilities: Both the apprentice and sponsor must initial where indicated.

Aggregate statistical information: The apprentice must provide DAS with their Social Security number, email address, date of birth, home phone number and must check off appropriate boxes for sex, race, education, and veteran status.

Final steps

Once all of the information has been filled out, it must then be signed and submitted to DAS for approval before it can be used as an executed document.

All apprentice agreements must be submitted via email within 30 days of date apprenticeship begins and must be accompanied with schooling information, a passport picture and a $35 online payment using the Department of Labor Standards online payment system:

Agreements can be submitted to




Compliance Inquiries - North Shore, Central MA East, Michael Falasca (617) 626-5405
Compliance Inquiries -,Central MA West, Laura Lee (617) 626-5672
Compliance Inquiries - Metro Boston (617) 626-5409
Compliance Inquiries - Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape, South Shore, and South Coast, Celina Dias Pendexter (617) 626-5407
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