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Article 2. JVS Services

The mission and programs offered by Jewish Vocational Service (JVS).

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Section 2.01 JVS Mission and Programs

Founded in 1938, JVS is among the oldest and largest providers of adult education and workforce development services in Greater Boston. Its mission is: To empower individuals from diverse communities to find employment and build careers, and to partner with employers to hire, develop and retain productive workforces. In support of this mission, JVS provides a wide range of adult education, vocational training, job readiness, career counseling, and job placement services, as well as related supportive services. In particular, JVS has a long history of integrating ABE and ESOL instruction with preparation for a job (or a higher paying job), advanced training, post-secondary education or career advancement. JVS strongly believes that contextualized instruction is the best way to both ensure successful English language acquisition and economic integration for recent arrivals and to maximize the use of scarce public and private resources. In order to best meet the needs of residents in the Commonwealth who are on ABE and ESOL waitlists, JVS will offer four program tracks (collectively, the “Program Tracks” and individually, each is referred to herein as a “Track”) as detailed in Schedule A, JVS Services.