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Certified Law Enforcement Officer list

Search certified officers by last name and law enforcement agency.

Information on certified officers is current as of December 9, 2022.

These documents provide certain information on 1) all law enforcement officers who have been granted initial certification since December 15, 2021, and 2) law enforcement officers, with last names beginning with A through H, who have been granted full recertification.

This does not include information for applicants for whom certification or recertification was denied, conditioned, restricted, revoked, suspended, or not recertified due to being on extended leave; and does not include information for law enforcement officers (with last names beginning with I through Z) who were automatically certified pursuant to the session law, An Act Relative to Justice, Equity and Accountability in Law Enforcement in the Commonwealth, St. 2020, c. 253, Section 102, and have not yet been reviewed for recertification.

The POST Commission may update these documents without notice to the public. 

The POST Commission strives to report complete and accurate information to the public, but acknowledges there may be omissions or errors in these documents. If you would like to report an error, please contact: Steven Smith, Director of Certifications, at Steven.Smith2@mass.gov.

Recertified Officers A-H (by last name) and Newly Certified Graduates

Recertified Officers A-H and Newly Certified Graduates by Law Enforcement Agency



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Date published: December 12, 2022
Last updated: December 9, 2022

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