Childcare Startup Grant

In collaboration with Citizens, the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) has co-developed the Childcare Startup Grant.

Applications for the Childcare Startup Grant have closed. If more funding becomes available for future grant opportunities, this page will be updated accordingly. Please see the details of the previous application process below: 

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In collaboration with Citizens, the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) has co-developed the Childcare Startup Grant, a grant and educational training program that seeks to fund up to 14 individuals interested in starting a home childcare program in the cities of Lynn and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Grantees will be selected through a publicly advertised application process through the Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office. An internal selection process will be conducted based on several criteria. Grantees will receive up to $4,500 in funding toward business expenses related to starting a home childcare program. Prior to receiving financial assistance, grantees will be required to join a Family Childcare (FCC) Network, or System in their respective community or surrounding area, as well as participate in educational webinars on running a small business and starting a childcare business in Massachusetts.


  • Be a resident of Lynn or Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Display interest and ability to open a home childcare program
  • Can provide proof of completion of the Massachusetts Early Education and Care StrongStart Potential Provider Training for Family Child Care.

Program Timeline

  • Thursday, 7/21: Applications launch.
  • Friday, 8/5: Applications close.
  • Monday, 8/8 – Friday, 8/19: OEE reviews applications and selects grantees.
  • Friday, 8/19: Grantees are alerted of selection; W-9 form and questionnaire must be submitted by Wednesday, 8/31.
  • Week of Monday, 9/12: Educational program launches.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What are the criteria/selection process?

  • At this time, applicants must be residents of Lynn or Springfield.
  • Applicants must show due diligence and interest in becoming a licensed Family Childcare Center (FCC) provider.
  • Applicants must complete form and submit W-9 in order to receive grant.

What is the amount and timeline of the grant funds?

The funds will be distributed in two phases – the first partial funds of $2,250 will be provided in December 2022 after completing some professional development or webinar trainings while the second distribution of $2,250 will be given to grantees after they are licensed.

How will grantees receive the grant funds?

Grantees will receive either a check or direct deposit. Grantees must provide the Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office with a signed W-9 form in order to receive funds.

What are the criteria and restrictions for how I can use the grant funds?

  • Grantees can spend funds on activities that will prepare them for becoming licensed. This includes training, software, purchasing equipment, upgrading the childcare environment, etc.
  • Must become licensed within one year to receive grant funds but no deadline on how long to spend grant funds.

Are my family and I eligible to participate in this initiative together?

Only one individual per household will be able to participate in the Childcare Startup Grant.

What if I am unable to be licensed as a childcare provider? Do I still receive the second phase of funding?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the full grant amount to those who do not become licensed.

Who can I reach out to for additional questions or concerns?

For further questions, please contact us at

How were the targeted cities determined?

Using data from the Center for American Progress’ 2018 childcare desert map, which highlights areas where there is a level of adequate or scarce supply of local childcare providers across the United States, six geographical areas were identified as having a low supply of childcare accessibility across Massachusetts. Other data points considered include population under age 5, median family income, percent of children with all parents in the labor force, maternal labor force participation, and racial/ethnic composition. With this data and the expert advice of Citizens, we chose Lynn and Springfield, Massachusetts as the targeted cities for this grant.

Will this grant count as income? 

Yes. Grantees will be asked to complete a W-9 form in order to receive the grant. This may impact benefit eligibility. Please contact if you have any questions. 

Is this program affiliated with the Department of Early Education and Care? 

This is a program of the Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General. EEC is not responsible for the selection of the grantees. EEC may be involved in training components of the initiative and is available to answer any questions applicants may have regarding the licensure process. 


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