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Complaint and Incident Reporting

Submission instructions

Members of the public who wish to submit a complaint about a police officer should file a report here.

Law Enforcement Agency Disciplinary record submission instructions are found here.

For Law Enforcement Agencies only:

Law Enforcement Agencies ("LEA's") are required to submit information to POST within two (2) business days of receipt of a complaint alleging the misconduct of an officer.  Complaints can originate from a member of the public (external complaint), from personnel at the agency (internal complaint or incident), or any other source. 

All complaints that fall in the following three categories must be submitted to POST:

  1. Complaints alleging bias on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, mental or physical disability, immigration status, or socioeconomic or professional level
  2. Complaints regarding use of force (excessive, prohibited, or deadly force)
  3. Actions that resulted in serious bodily injury or death (including Officer-Involved Shootings or “OIS”)

Complaints related to Unprofessionalism: 

Certain complaints related to unprofessionalism also need to be submitted to POST.  However, if the complaint is related to minor matters, including discourtesy and basic work rule violations such as tardiness, inattention to detail, equipment violations, grooming violations, or comparable infractions, please refer to POST regulations to maintain a log of these complaints, which need not be submitted to POST, but made available upon request. 

Complaints and incidents that are not related to minor matters as described above and fall in the category of officer misconduct or unprofessionalism, should also be submitted to POST and subcategorized as follows

  1. Unprofessionalism
    1. Policy or Procedure Violations/Conformance to Laws
    2. Conduct Unbecoming
    3. Untruthfulness

Law Enforcement Agencies only: We are currently developing an on-line form for submissions of these complaints. In the meantime, please submit complaints to POST by e-mailing an attachment to:  POSTCReports@mass.gov    

Members of the public should not use the above email address. Instead, please click here to file a complaint against a police officer.


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