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Cybersecurity Awareness Training FAQs

The 2020 Cybersecurity Awareness Training, provided by KnowBe4, launched on May 15th. This training is being coordinated by EOTSS and the communication to employees will be sent by John Merto, Commonwealth Chief Information Security Officer, via the EOTSS Cyber Security Training Mailbox. The email will contain a link to access the course with instructions on how to log in. Employees who require a Commonwealth provided computer, and a Commonwealth e-mail address in order to perform their responsibilities are required to complete the training within 45 days of receipt.

Table of Contents

Which employees will receive the initial launch email with access to the training?

The launch email will be sent to all active employees (as of 5/9/20) within the Executive Department with the following exceptions:

  • MBTA
  • Dept of Revenue
  • National Guard
  • Office of the State Auditor
  • Teachers' Retirement Board
  • Independent Agencies
  • Approximately 1,200 employees with unsupported email addresses in HRCMS (e.g.,,,,, Email addresses that are not provided by the Commonwealth of MA cannot be used to set up accounts in KnowBe4 platform. EOTSS cannot offer the training until this information is updated. Please reach out to for more assistance.

What is the URL to access the course?

What username will employees use to log in?

The individual username will be the employee business email address listed in HR/CMS and will be included in the launch email. Complete instructions for logging in to the course are included at the end of this document.

What password will employees use to log in?

When logging in for the first time, all users will be asked to validate their account and create a password.

What if an employee forgets their password?

Employees can reset their own password by entering their email address on the Reset Password page or click the Forgot your password? link on the login page.

What browser should I use?

The recommended browser would be the most current version of Google Chrome. For issues related to the browser versions on an employee’s computer, they should contact their Agency/Secretariat IT Service Desk.

If the link to access the training does not work, they should cut and paste the URL address to the Cybersecurity course  into their browser.  If the link still does not work, they should try a different web browser like Firefox, Edge, etc. If login problems persist, they should contact the EOTSS End-User Service Desk at (844) 435-7629 or email

How will completion reports be accessed?

EOTSS will provide completion reports from KnowBe4 to HRD L&D. HRD L&D will coordinate with the PACE Developers to have the completion reports uploaded into PACE. 

Do you have instructions for screen readers?

If using a screen reader, such as JAWS, after selecting and opening the course link, enter their username and password to log in.  They will be prompted to change the default password. After resetting their password, select "Continue." They should then select the “start” link on the next page. On the course welcome page, navigate to the heading by using the letter “H.” After that, read the screen reader specific message below the heading, then use the tab key until you land on the “launch screen reader mode” button.  They would select this button to start the course which is optimized for screen readers.

Who should employees contact for assistance?

Users may contact the EOTSS End-User Service Desk at (844) 435-7629 or email

For non-technical questions, employees should contact