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Disciplinary Record Resubmission

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Instructions for 2023 POST Commission Disciplinary Records submission

POST is required to maintain a public database that includes a summary of officer disciplinary records. After a detailed analysis of the prior submissions, we found enough data integrity concerns to require resubmission. To publish the first release of records as the statute directs us to do, we need to collect additional information on all sustained disciplinary records from the beginning of each officer’s tenure until January 31, 2023. For a detailed explanation of the data integrity concerns, please refer to the transmittal letter to Chiefs from POST Executive Director Zuniga. 

The new template includes drop-down lists and data validations to make data entry easier and prevent errors. It will also allow us to quickly remove data that should not be published.

What records to submit:

  • Include all sustained disciplinary records from the beginning of each officer’s tenure until January 31, 2023.
    1. Include sustained disciplinary records you have previously submitted for active and transferred officers (unless they can be excluded as per below). Please feel free to refer to your prior submission as the basis for entries in the new template.
    2. Include new sustained disciplinary records since your last submission, for both active officers and officers who have transferred out of your agency.
    3. Include records for new hires and officers that have transferred to your agency since your last submission.
    4. Include records with pending discipline.

What records you may exclude:

  • You may exclude disciplinary records if their disposition was “Not Sustained,” “Unfounded,” or “Exonerated.”
  • Do not include officers that do not have disciplinary records or complaints against them.
  • You may exclude records for officers who retired or resigned in good standing.
  • You may exclude or remove records that fall outside of POST’s reporting requirements. For example:
    • Complaints or incidents related to minor matters, such as discourtesy and basic work rule violations (tardiness, inattention to detail, equipment violations, grooming violations, or comparable infractions).
    • Complaints that were not credible or lacked a basis for adequate investigation.
    • Anonymous complaints without adequate basis for investigation.
    • Records of incidents that resulted in a verbal reprimand (incidents or complaints that resulted in written reprimands should be included unless they fall in the exclusion categories herein). 

Filling out the template:

  • Each row in the template should be filled out with information about a particular complaint or incident as it pertains to an officer.
  • Fill out only one row per incident. If an incident included multiple allegations or charges, multiple dispositions, or multiple disciplines: scroll to the right of the sheet to include all of them. 
  • Fill out every field for each row (including names), unless otherwise noted in the template.
  • Click on the headings of the columns to see specific instructions and reminders.

How to submit:

Please submit your completed spreadsheet (in Excel format only) as an attachment to an e-mail addressed to POSTCReports@mass.gov following the below guidelines:

  • Please title the subject line of your email:

Your Agency Name Disciplinary Records Update

  • Please name your excel file in the same manner:

Your Agency Name Disciplinary Records Update 

    • Example:  Boston PD Disciplinary Records Update 

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