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Division of State Police Oversight Annual Report 2019: The Massachusetts State Police Efforts to Modernize and Centralize

The State Police are conducting efforts to achieve certification and to modernize and centralize its systems.

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The MSP is modernizing and centralizing its rostering, scheduling, and time-and-attendance system through the switch from PayStation to the Orion application.14 Orion provides robust scheduling and rostering capabilities with real-time updates and detailed calendar views for civilian employees, troopers, supervisors and central command staff at GHQ.

This provides MSP command staff and supervisory personnel with up-to-the-minute updates and information regarding the deployment of all MSP troopers and other resources. PayStation provides no such real-time information. Currently, the MSP command staff at GHQ rely on the manual transmission to GHQ of information from troop commanders and other supervisory staff throughout the Commonwealth in order to have a complete accounting of all MSP employees.

Orion also automatically tracks all hours that a trooper works during regular shifts, overtime and details on a weekly basis; it also includes the extra feature of flagging and preventing troopers from working additional shifts or paid details beyond the maximum hours allowed under the MSP’s collective bargaining agreement with the State Police Association of Massachusetts (“SPAM”). This increased accountability alleviates the need to manually track hours worked, both for the individual trooper and for the supervisor approving the trooper’s weekly time-and-attendance record.

The implementation of Orion is still in the early trial stages. The Division will continue to collaborate with the MSP and monitor the rollout throughout the MSP in order to mitigate any potential risk of fraud, waste and abuse of public funds throughout the system.

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14 PayStation and Orion are both computer programs that allow troopers to submit their weekly time and attendance remotely from any MSP network computer and also track rostering, scheduling and other data.

Date published: February 26, 2020

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