Estimate your available Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits

This calculator is meant to help workers estimate their available paid leave benefits under the state's Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) program.

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Estimate your available benefits

The information and calculations displayed on this site do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of your available benefits. The results provided by this calculator are approximations and should be used only as estimates. No benefits are available before January 2021.

By using this calculator, I understand that the Department of Family and Medical Leave is not bound by estimates given.

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About PFML worker benefits

As a Massachusetts worker, you may be eligible for paid family or medical leave beginning in January 2021. 

The exact benefits available to you will depend on certain employment and earnings factors.

Paid family leave can be taken to:

  • Care for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Bond with a child during the first 12 months after its birth
  • Bond with a child during the first 12 months after adoption or foster care placement
  • Manage family affairs when a family member is on active duty in the armed forces

Paid medical leave may be taken to:

  • While you are unable to work due to your own serious health condition

Sample deduction and benefit amounts for workers at various income categories

Below is an example of the approximate amounts taken out for the worker contribution. These are estimated at the maximum amount a worker would contribute; your employer may pay a part of this amount for you. 

Annual Pay Level Weekly Contribution Biweekly Contribution Annual Contribution Weekly Benefits Amount During Leave
$25,000 $1.81 $3.63 $95.00 $384.62
$50,000 $3.63 $7.27 $189.00 $688.88
$75,000 $5.45 $10.90 $238.00 $850.00
$100,000 $7.27 $14.54 $378.00 $850.00