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Exchange Network Project

"Accessing Citizen Science Data for Environmental Decisionmaking," an EPA- and DEP-funded project.

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Project Description

MassBays received funding from EPA's Exchange Network Program and MassDEP to build capacity among citizen monitoring groups that contribute to baseline monitoring in the Bays, as well as inland.

Over the course of the next two years, MassBays and partners (DEP, EPA New England, and Eastern Research Group) will produce a new online application called "AquaQAPP" for developing quality assurance project plans, hire a circuit rider to provide one-on-one technical support and host workshops, and facilitate data upload to WQX, EPA's national data management and archiving system.

We will post more information about resources here as they are developed -- consider subscribing to the Citizen Monitoring Network newsletter for updates!

For more information, contact Pam DiBona.

Project components in the context of the data management cycle, including roles of MassBays, Monitoring Groups, and Circuit Rider
Project components in the context of the data management cycle.