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FAQs for Long-Term Care Facility Staff Applicants

Thinking about applying for a position in a long-term care facility, but still have questions? Find answers here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are staff getting paid to work in a nursing home?

CNAs and PCTs will receive $1000 weekly compensation for full-time employment. RCAs will receive pay between $22-$25 per hour. You can discuss wages with the facility directly when they contact you, and you can decline any offer of employment if it isn’t agreeable with you.

I’m not a health care professional, but I’m looking to work in a nursing home. Are there jobs available for me?

Yes - you do not need to have medical experience to make a difference in a nursing home. Applicants without medical experience should apply for the Resident Care Assistant (RCA) roles. RCAs provide vital direct and indirect resident care, such as cleaning, moving residents, assisting with personal care and feeding, and performing clerical duties for the facility.

Do I need any kind of certification or training to be an RCA?

Facilities will pay for temporary nurse aid job training for RCAs. 

Will I be working for a nursing home or the State?

You will be employed by the nursing home. Facilities will follow their screening and onboarding process when hiring new workers

Will I be working in a nursing home with residents who are COVID 19 positive? Will I have protective equipment like masks and gloves available to me?

Yes, if hired, it is likely that you will be offered a job working in a nursing home where there is or may have been residents and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19.  There is an urgent need for both medical and non-medical staff to provide professional care to nursing home residents throughout the Commonwealth.

Nursing homes, and other senior care facilities, have been provided more than 2 million pieces of protective equipment to help staff safely care for residents. Nursing homes and other long-term care are required to provide protective equipment and safety training to staff and follow all safety guidelines issued by the state and federal governments. In addition, the Commonwealth is monitoring compliance with these requirements through regular, ongoing audits.

I’m scared that I am going to get sick if I work at one of these nursing homes. What safety protections are in place to help keep me safe?

Concern about working in a long-term care facility is understandable given the number of outbreaks throughout the state. However, there has been an intensive effort to help these facilities become safer for residents and staff. The Commonwealth has invested more than $260 million over the past few months to help nursing facilities improve testing, infection control, access to protective equipment, and increase pay for staff. As mentioned above, all facilities are required to provide protective equipment and safety training to staff and follow state and federal safety guidelines. In addition, you can access a free online training on working in a COVID positive environment that will give you resources on infection control protocols, and donning/doffing PPE, and other important information. You can sign up for the training at (Checkout code: MACOVIDCERT).

The Commonwealth and Massachusetts Senior Care Association (MSCA) are working closely together to support nursing homes and improve infection control performance to ensure the safety of residents and staff. 

If I’m hired, will I get tested for COVID-19? How often are staff tested during their time working at the facility?

The Commonwealth is working on a proactive, evidence-based surveillance testing strategy for nursing homes that will include ongoing testing for staff. At a minimum, staff must have their temperature checked and undergo a COVID-19 symptom screening before the start of each shift.  

What if I get hired for a short-term assignment and I get sick with COVID-19. Will I still get paid?

If you become COVID-19 positive while working at a nursing home and can no longer work, facilities are required to follow state regulations for sick-time laws. Please discuss the sick leave options with your employer.

What is the Long-Term Care Staffing portal and how do I enter by availability?

The Long-Term Care Staffing portal matches applicants like yourself with long-term care facilities in greatest need of short-term or long-term staffing support.

When you access the site through either or, click on I am a healthcare worker to complete an intake form. You will be prompted to choose the job you are applying for from a dropdown menu and enter your information. You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, check your junk folder, if it isn’t in there, complete your intake again because your email address could have been entered incorrectly. 

What do I do if my availability changes?

Log into the portal and edit your intake form with your current availability. 

Is there anything I need to do after I am hired?

It is important to let us know that you have been hired. You can do that by returning to the portal and clicking on I was hired by a long-term care facility to fill out the necessary information. We will also send multiple emails reminding you to register, please check your inbox for those emails.

My professional License is expiring, what do I do?

In response to the pandemic, the Department of Public Health has issued guidance on professional licenses. Check the Emergency licensing and certification Information page.

The “free” COVID training is $39, I’m not paying for it! 

There is a code to enter to eliminate the fee, the code is MACOVIDCERT. Please check back for updates on training options. 

Where are the facilities that need staffing?

There are hundreds of nursing homes across the state that are looking for health care workers. 

Can contractors apply for the jobs posted on the LTC portal?

Yes, we encourage contractors and those looking for short-term assignments. If you are matched, talk it over with your prospective employer to decide how they would like to handle scheduling.

Is there a need for physicians to work at nursing homes? Are there any NP positions available?

Yes, your services are needed. Email the LTC portal at and we will forward your information to a facility.