III. Analysis of GJU Cases Received in 2018

A more in-depth look at GJU cases received in 2018.

Table of Contents

III. Analysis of GJU Cases Received in 2018

As required by § 4H of Chapter 7 of the General Laws, we now focus on the GJU cases received in 2018 and their disposition. Tab 3 contains a report of the cases opened in 2018.  The report shows DALA opened 558 cases in 2018 and identifies the case by name of parties and docket number. The type of case is described in the “Code” column.  For example, “CR” is Contributory Retirement, “RM” is Registration in Medicine, and “RS” is Rate Setting.  The “Status” column reflects the status of the case on the date that the report was prepared, January 3, 2019.  132 of the cases opened in 2018 were closed in 2018.

The GJU closed 1,650 cases in 2018. This figure includes all cases disposed of by a magistrate’s order and settlement.  Tab 4 is a report of the cases closed in 2018. The closed cases are listed by File Number beginning with case code. Also provided is the “Closed date.” A “Y” in the “Closed” column confirms that the case is closed.

Date published: April 3, 2019