Mass. General Laws c.121B § 5A

Waiver of requirement to appoint tenant member to housing authority board

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Section 5A

A housing authority may request a waiver of the requirement to appoint a tenant member to a housing authority board if the department determines that a housing authority provided notice pursuant to section 5 and there is no person who is eligible and willing to serve as a tenant member on the board. The waiver shall be for a term of 1 year and may be renewed by the department. A housing authority shall submit a written statement to the department, explaining why a waiver is being requested and documenting the steps that it took to educate tenants about the right of a tenant to serve on a housing authority board; provided, however, that such steps shall include the housing authority meeting with all local tenants' organizations. Before issuing a waiver, the department shall, in addition to reviewing the written statement, make a determination that the housing authority provided notice pursuant to said section 5.

If the department grants a waiver, it shall notify the housing authority and the town that a person other than a person who is eligible to be a tenant member may be appointed to the tenant member seat on the board for a 1-year term. The housing authority shall notify any tenants' organizations of the waiver and post a notice of the waiver throughout common areas of the authority.



Within Massachusetts only

Within Massachusetts only


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