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Mass. General Laws c.265 § 47

Global positioning system device to be worn by certain sex offender probationers

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Section 47

Any person who is placed on probation for any offense listed within the definition of “sex offense”, a “sex offense involving a child” or a “sexually violent offense”, as defined in section 178C of chapter 6, shall, as a requirement of any term of probation, wear a global positioning system device, or any comparable device, administered by the commissioner of probation, at all times for the length of his probation for any such offense. The commissioner of probation, in addition to any other conditions, shall establish defined geographic exclusion zones including, but not limited to, the areas in and around the victim's residence, place of employment and school and other areas defined to minimize the probationer's contact with children, if applicable. If the probationer enters an excluded zone, as defined by the terms of his probation, the probationer's location data shall be immediately transmitted to the police department in the municipality wherein the violation occurred and the commissioner of probation, by telephone, electronic beeper, paging device or other appropriate means. If the commissioner or the probationer's probation officer has probable cause to believe that the probationer has violated this term of his probation, the commissioner or the probationer's probation officer shall arrest the probationer pursuant to section 3 of chapter 279. Otherwise, the commissioner shall cause a notice of surrender to be issued to such probationer.

The fees incurred by installing, maintaining and operating the global positioning system device, or comparable device, shall be paid by the probationer. If the court finds that such fees would cause a substantial financial hardship to the offender or the person’s immediate family or the person’s dependents, the court may waive such fees.



Within Massachusetts only

Within Massachusetts only


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