Mass. General Laws c.94G § 18

Audits; reports

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Added by St.2017, c. 55, § 41, effective July 28, 2017

Section 18

The commission shall audit as often as the commission determines necessary the accounts, programs, activities, and functions of all licensees. To conduct the audit, authorized officers and employees of the commission shall have access to such accounts at reasonable times and the commission may require the production of books, documents, vouchers and other records relating to any matter within the scope of the audit, except tax returns. The superior court shall have jurisdiction to enforce the production of records that the commission requires to be produced under this section and the court shall order the production of all such records within the scope of any such audit. All audits shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In any audit report of the accounts, funds, programs, activities and functions of a licensee issued by the commission containing adverse or critical audit results, the commission may require a response, in writing, to the audit results. The response shall be forwarded to the commission within 15 days of notification by the commission.
On or before April 1 of each year, the commission shall submit a report to the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate who shall forward the report to the house and senate committees on ways and means, which shall include, but not be limited to: (i) the number of audits performed under this section; (ii) a summary of findings under the audits; and (iii) the cost of each audit.

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