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Massachusetts 2020 Forest Action Plan Update

Under the 2008 Farm Bill, every state must develop a Forest Action Plan in order to be eligible to receive funds under the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act. The plan must be updated every 10 years.

Each state’s Forest Action Plan must:

  • Provide an analysis of forest conditions and trends
  • Identify threats to forest land and resources
  • Identify priority areas
  • Outline strategies to address threats to forest resources and ensure healthy trees and forests into the future

Table of Contents

2020 Plan Update

The 2020 MA Forest Action Plan DRAFT will include modifications to the 2010 plan:

The overall goal of the update is to increase the usability of the document.  We hope to increase the public’s awareness of Massachusetts forests.

The document will be organized into 5 chapters rather than the previous 7, they are:

  • Forest Ecosystem Health and Biodiversity
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Productive Capacity of the Forest
  • Socioeconomic Benefits
  • Legal, Policy, and Institutional Framework

The Assessment and Strategies will be combined into one document and strategies will be incorporated into each chapter.

Comments will be accepted until June 20, 2020 and can be submitted directly to

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