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The Massachusetts Financial Allies Network (MFAN) is designed to connect members of state and local organizations and their circles of influence to accessible financial education and resources. The goal is to create a long-lasting partnership with workforces who are dedicated to helping the residents of the Commonwealth, while giving them access to financial education and training provided by the State Treasurer’s Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE).

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How to Join the Network

Any state or local organization can get involved by submitting an interest form to OEE.

Once a member of the network, you will be able to schedule a series of up to eight financial foundations workshops for your audience. MFAN participants will also participate in a training on OEE programs so they can spread the word to communities they serve every day. Participants in the workshops will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a gift card and will gain exposure to OEE programs that may benefit their clients and constituents.

Currently, our office can only accept a limited number of partnerships. We encourage all applicants to stay in touch if and when our office has more capacity to grow the network.

Summary of Goals

1) Connect with Target Audiences

MFAN connects the audiences of state and local organizations to accessible financial education and resources. This includes OEE’s desired impact areas, as well as peoples not as often caught in the net of OEE’s current programming.

2) Educate Local Organizations’ Workforces on Both Financial Foundations and Relevant OEE Programs and Resources.

Workforces will be better prepared not only in their personal lives, but also in addressing the challenges their targeted audiences face. MFAN gives workforces the ability to promote OEE initiatives that benefit their communities.

3) Create a Long-Lasting Relationship Between OEE and State & Local Organizations.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Who is the Office of Economic Empowerment?

OEE is a department within the Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts tasked with offering free and accessible financial education, promoting wage equity, and creating a bright future for children across the state. OEE delivers programs to all residents of Massachusetts and at every stage of their lives, regardless of their economic background. We also offer initiatives tailored to meet the unique financial experiences of veterans, women, high school students, and older adults.

After my organization joins, what are the next steps?

After you complete the form, a staff member from OEE will contact you to discuss your goals. MFAN organizations will be asked to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the nature of the relationship.

What else?

If your organization serves a population or an issue with unique financial concerns, OEE is here to help. In addition to its “just-in-time" educational tools and training series, OEE can also work with you to create customized, co-branded materials for your audience.

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