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Massachusetts free fillable forms electronic program for full-year residents

Review the instructions and learn what 2020 Massachusetts income tax forms are available to be electronically filed using the Massachusetts free fillable forms program. Please note, this program is only available to full-year residents and begins February 12, 2021.

Updated: February 4, 2021

Table of Contents

Overview and access

Massachusetts free fillable forms will be available February 12, 2021.

Fill out your Massachusetts personal income tax return online (Full-year resident returns only). 

Note: Forms and schedules available in the Massachusetts free fillable forms application are listed below.

E-filing your return will electronically send your state tax return to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Your tax return will then be either “Accepted” or “Rejected.” If your tax return is accepted it has been filed. If your tax return is rejected it has not been filed. If rejected, the issues in the tax return which caused the reject should be addressed and the tax return should be e-filed again or filed by mail.

You also have the option of printing out your fillable return after completion and mailing it in. (See mailing addresses for the correct P.O. Box to use.)

Forms and schedules supported by the MA Free Fillable Forms application

  • Form 1: Massachusetts Resident Income Tax Return
  • Form PV: Massachusetts Payment Voucher 
  • Schedule B: Interest, Dividends, and Certain Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule C: Mass Profit or Loss From Business
  • Schedule CB: Circuit Breaker Credit
  • Schedule D: Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule DI: Dependent Information
  • Schedule E: Total Supplemental Income and Loss (flow through income for individual taxpayers only. — No entity-level returns are supported for Schedule E series)
  • Schedule E-1: Rental Real Estate Income and Loss
  • Schedule E-2: Partnership & S Corp Income and Loss
  • Schedule E-3: Estate, Trust, REMIC and Farm Income and Loss
  • Schedule HC: Health Care
  • Schedule INC: Summary of Income from Forms W2 and 1099, user-enterable only, no calculations
  • Schedule X/Y: Other Income and Deductions

Required information

A.  Make sure you have the following personal information available:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Filing status
  • Federal income
  • Exemptions
  • Income and deductions
  • Calculated and entered your tax amount
  • State withholding amount from all Forms W-2 and 1099

To e-file your tax return you must complete Step 2 in the free fillable form application.

B.  Make sure you complete all four sections in Step 2 of the free fillable form application by entering any applicable data.

Section 1: Add Forms W-2 and 1099

In this section you are required to enter forms, or check the box stating that you have none to enter.

a. Add any Forms W-2 or 1099 you received. Select the "Add" button next to the items you have to enter. Enter each item separately and be sure to include all required information.

For instance, if you received two Form W-2s, select the "Add" button for Form W-2 and enter in the information exactly as it appears on your first Form W-2. Then select the "Add" button again and enter the information from your second Form W-2, exactly as shown on the second Form W-2. Do this for each Form W-2 or 1099 you received.

b. If you don't have any of the above forms to include, check the box.

Section 2: Add your electronic signature

You are required to have a valid email address in order to e-file your return. To ensure accuracy enter it twice. Both email addresses must match exactly.

Section 3: Refund/Payment options

a. Refund - You can select to receive your refund by Direct Deposit or paper check. If using Direct Deposit, enter your banking information directly on Form 1.

b. Pay tax due by check - Print Form PV and mail it with your check to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. 

c. Pay tax due online using MassTaxConnect - available on

d. Pay tax due by electronic withdrawal through E-File when filing your return.
Check the box indicating that you will be using this payment method, then enter the routing number, account number, select checking or savings, and select the date you would like the payment to be made (any business day prior to or on the due date of the return).

Section 4: Verify your identity (ID) information

Fill in the identity information that applies.

How to resolve errors

If you receive an email stating that your return was rejected, you may be able to resolve the issue on your own and resubmit. Please review the error message and solution chart.