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MassDEP's COVID-19 Information & Resources​

In response to COVID-19, MassDEP has compiled a list of resources to assist our regulated community and to provide the public with an easy means for contacting us while offices are closed and staff are working remotely. 

Table of Contents

Contact Us

MassDEP contacts 

Our staff are available and working remotely during the closure of our offices due to COVID 19. 

Language translation assistance

Assistance for citizens who are Limited English Proficient (LEP).

Look up MassDEP environmental data & information

MassDEP is working to make more environmental data and information available online. This list provides links to searchable apps and data lookups.

Dental Practices & Clinics

Dental Amalgam/Mercury Recycling Program

See News & Updates to learn more about certification filing deadline extensions.

Drinking Water & Wastewater Operations

COVID-19 Information for Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators

This resource provides MassDEP's answers to questions from water-supply and wastewater professionals.

MassDEP Meetings with Public Water System and Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators

Recordings of weekly calls with drinking water and wastewater operators to ensure effective communication.

Gas Stations & Vehicle Fueling Facilities

MassDEP Stage I & II Vapor Recovery Program

MassDEP Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Certain Stage I & UST inspection, reporting, and certification deadlines have been extended. See News & Updates at these links to learn more.

MassDEP UST Third-Party Inspector Certification

No third-party inspector certification renewals are due until December 2021. If MassDEP receives applications for renewals or new TPI applications during the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency will process them as usual. 

Hazardous Waste Management

Guidance on Managing Hazardous Waste During the COVID-19 Emergency

This document addresses compliance with container and tank inspections for facilities closed during the pandemic, electronic signatures of hazardous waste manifests to maintain social distancing, and extension of accumulation volume and time limits due to transportation disruptions.

Toxics Use Reduction

MassDEP Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) Program

See News & Updates to learn about deadline extensions for TUR Planning, Reporting, and Planner Certification Renewals.

Waste & Recycling

Deposit Bottle & Can Recycling

MassDEP & Attorney General's Office enforcement of retailer beverage container redemption requirements, temporarily suspended earlier due to COVD-19, resumed in June.

COVID-19 Waste & Recycling Information for Consumers, Retailers & the Waste Industry

Includes provisions for the continuity of waste and recycling operations during the pandemic, and information for companies and workers who collect, transport, and dispose of solid waste from households, businesses, and institutions. 

MassDEP Solid Waste Facility Third-Party Inspector Registration

The agency is currently processing applications for renewals or new new registrations as usual. 

Waste Site Cleanup Operations

MassDEP COVID-19 guidance for waste site cleanup activities 

These resources provide information on the status of Waste Site Cleanup operations, expectations related to ongoing cleanup activities during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, and links to weekly calls with site cleanup stakeholders.

Waterways Permitting (Chapter 91)

Chapter 91 Waterways Submissions During MassDEP Office Closures

This guidance helps applicants to ensure the timely receipt of materials and review within regulatory timeframes during closure of our offices for COVID-19.

Wetlands & Water Quality Certifications

Guidance to conservation commissions and applicants for submissions during MassDEP office closures

This guidance provides Conservation Commissions with procedures to implement the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and regulations as well as information on the 401 Water Quality Certification Program for dredge permit and fill/excavation permit applications in response to the current COVID-19 emergency.

MassDEP COVID-19 Wetlands FAQs for Conservation Commissions and Applicants

Answers to questions raised by conservation commissions, their administrators/agents, and applicants about how the Wetlands Protection Act and its regulations will be implemented during the COVID-19 emergency.

Water Quality Certification

WW 07, 08, 09: Water Quality Certifications, Dredging Projects

These resources provide access to forms and information on submitting a 401 Water Quality Certification (401 WQC)  during the COVID-19 emergency.