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MassHealth Provider Resources and Communications

This is part of the MassHealth Provider Handbook.

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Provider Communications

MassHealth communicates to providers in various ways. Primarily, communication occurs through provider bulletins and transmittal letters. MassHealth uses provider bulletins to communicate procedures, reminders, policy clarifications and other information to MassHealth providers.

Transmittal letters are used to communicate changes to MassHealth provider regulatory and sub-regulatory information such as updated to the Subchapter 6 list of HCPCS codes.

Additionally, MassHealth uses Remittance Advice Message Text Messages that are found on the first page of the remittance advice that providers receive to communicate important updates. When logging into the POSC, providers should always check the Broadcast Messages under the Manage Correspondence and Reporting link.

To receive email alerts when MassHealth issues a provider bulletin or transmittal letter, please complete this online form.

Provider Associations

MassHealth has partnered with various provider associations and have quarterly meetings with association representatives to share MassHealth updates. This partnership provides another source to communicate MassHealth provider information through these associations’ websites, emails, and newsletters.

Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum (MTF)

Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum (MTF) is a program sponsored by MassHealth in partnership with Commonwealth Medicine, UMass Medical School. MTF provides accurate and timely information relating to MassHealth and other state public health insurance programs, to staff of health care organizations and community agencies that serve MassHealth members, the uninsured, and underinsured. The MTF uses a various range of communication methods to disseminate state public health insurance-related programs and policy information. Communication methods include a total of 16 regional meetings held throughout the year in four regions of the state, program updates via email communications, a regularly updated program website, including a growing number of training webinars.

Why Participate in MTF?

  • Receive convenient, high-quality training by experts to improve staff’s ability to work in accordance with MassHealth and other state public health insurance programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Discuss important issues face-to-face with MassHealth and other state agency representatives at one of four regional meetings.
  • Have access to continuing education on emerging topics and other EOHHS programs.
  • Receive regular MassHealth updates featuring time-sensitive information and resources.
  • Access resources, such as MTF meeting hand-outs, and FAQs.
  • Network with colleagues to problem-solve and identify resources to better serve your MassHealth population.
  • Access to important updates via MTF email alerts.

For more information, to stay connected and sign up for the MTF newsletter, or register for an upcoming meeting, go to www.masshealthmtf.org/

Screenshot of the Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum (MTF) website

Additional Resources

Get Email Alerts When Provider Publications are Posted on the Web

To receive email alerts when MassHealth issues a provider bulletin or transmittal letter, please complete this online form.

Date published: July 29, 2022

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