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Message Text – July 2023

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As stated in 130 CMR 450.208 (Utilization Management: Admission Screening for Acute Inpatient Hospitals), MassHealth requires a pre-admission screening prior to an elective admission. Acute inpatient hospitals must submit requests for admission screening via the Provider Online Service Center (POSC). For more information, please reference the Acute Inpatient Hospital Bulletin 153 and the RY 2023 RFA. For specific instructions on how to submit, update, or inquire about pre-admission screenings, please see https://tinyurl.com/5dhv2ddx.

As a reminder, please note that MassHealth requires an approved pre-admission screening for elective admissions for all eligible MassHealth member benefit plans, including MassHealth Limited.

If you have questions regarding this message, please contact MassHealth at provider@masshealthquestions.com or (800) 841-2900.



MassHealth has updated the Data Collection (DC) documentation process and has replaced the previous version of the DC form with two new versions, the Provider Enrollment DC form and the Existing Provider Modification DC form. The previous version of the form is no longer accepted.

The Provider Enrollment DC form can be used only to establish a Primary User for a new MassHealth Provider ID/Service Location (PID/SL) upon enrollment in MassHealth. The form must be submitted with your MassHealth provider enrollment application.

The Existing Provider Modification DC form can be used only by existing MassHealth providers to modify the Primary User information for an existing PID/SL. These modification requests must be submitted to MassHealth at: systemssupporthelpdesk@massmail.state.ma.us.

The new Data Collection forms are available here within the downloads section of the page: https://tinyurl.com/rhttvu98. Please note that MassHealth will not accept handwritten data collection forms.

Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS) providers can access information about the LTSS DC form, process, and submission instructions from the LTSS Provider Portal: https://www.masshealthltss.com.

Dental providers with an oral surgery specialty should use the new Data Collection forms to gain access to the POSC.

For more information regarding DC form submission requirements, please visit the MassHealth Data Collection Form FAQ page: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/masshealth-data-collection-form-faq#primary-user-.

For additional questions or concerns:

Dental providers, please contact MassHealth Dental Customer Service at (800) 207-5019, TDD/TTY (800) 466-7566.

LTSS providers, please contact the LTSS service center at (844) 368-5184 or support@masshealthltss.com.

All other providers, please contact MassHealth at (800) 849-2900, TDD/TTY: 711 or Provider@masshealthquestions.com.

Date published: July 3, 2023
Last updated: July 24, 2023

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