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Monitoring Alkalinity and pH in Cape Cod Bay to Assess Impacts of Coastal Acidification

Funding for this project was awarded by MassBays to Center for Coastal Studies (2020)

About the project

Over the past several years there has been growing concerns among environmental scientists and the shellfish industry over coastal and ocean acidification in Massachusetts. Although scientific researchers have documented the impacts of low pH on shellfish and other marine life and habitat, and evidence of deteriorating conditions have been shown by shell fishermen, data on acidification conditions in Massachusetts coastal waters is almost nonexistent.

Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) has for the past decade monitored water quality across Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound. CCS will collect data on pH and total alkalinity to measure acidification. The anticipated outcomes include: 1) calculating embayment specific coastal acidification, 2) establishing connections between ocean acidification data and other water quality data (e.g. alkalinity and salinity; pH and nutrients) to inform management decisions, and raise knowledge and awareness of ocean acidification impacts and responses to inform policies and plans and to prioritize actions and investments

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