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Opportunities for HPC-certified ACOs

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adviseRx is an optional, no-fee technical assistance opportunity exclusively for HPC-certified ACOs, which aims to support the delivery of high-quality, high-value care through evidence-based prescribing practices.  To offer this new program, the HPC is partnering with Alosa Health, a nationally recognized leader in developing and implementing clinical educational programs about evidence-based prescribing.

Over a nine-month period, participating ACO staff  will receive training on up-to-date evidence-based treatment recommendations for type 2 diabetes; obtain the skills necessary to educate others within the ACO on evidence-based prescribing practices; and conduct educational visits with prescribers in their ACO, with mentorship from Alosa Health expert trainers.  The HPC offered the adviseRx program to all HPC-certified ACOs and selected ACOs to participate through a competitive application process.

On October 2, 2019, the HPC announced that four HPC-certified ACOs were selected to participate in the adviseRx program:

  • Baycare Health Partners
  • Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network*
  • Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Signature Healthcare

Questions about the adviseRx program may be sent to

*Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization and Lahey Health Systems, both of which are HPC-certified ACOs, jointly applied to the adviseRx program under Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network (BILHPN). BILHPN is expected to submit an application for HPC ACO Certification in 2019.  For purposes of the adviseRx program, the HPC considers BILHPN an HPC-certified ACO. 

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