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PACE Learning Management System (LMS)

PACE allows you to find and register for available training courses and view your training transcripts.

Coming in Summer of 2021: Our PACE Learning System will be transitioned over to the new MassAchieve platform.

PACE will remain active until our users are transitioned into the new system.  Learn more about MassAchieve

NOTE: If you are a new employee, welcome! In order to work properly, your PACE account must be created by your agency’s HR department. If your account is not available in PACE within 2 weeks of your first day at the Commonwealth, please follow-up with your agency’s HR or Training departments.  

Table of Contents

Screenshot of PACE login page

Log in to PACE

First Time Login

  1. Open an Internet browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox
  2. Access PACE here (
  3. Enter your login ID and password.
    • Login ID = your employee ID number
    • Password = your last name exactly as it appears for payroll. This field is case sensitive and includes suffixes, i.e., Smith Jr.
  4. Select Submit

Change Password

First Time Login: Change Password

  1. The first time you login you will be required to change your password
  2. Enter a new password into the field provided. The new password is case sensitive.
  3. Enter the password one more time for validation.
  4. Select Submit.

Forgot Password: Reset Password

  1. To access the password reset page, click “Forgot Password?” on the main login page
  2. Enter your PACE user ID number and email address in the fields provided
  3. PACE generates an email with your temporary password
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to login to PACE
  5. You will be required to change the temporary password immediately

Confirm Email Addresses in PACE

Confirm Email Addresses

You need to confirm your email address and your manager’s email address.  There are 3 required fields that you must complete. These fields are grayed out and can only be updated by selecting the links.

  1. To add or edit your email address, select the Edit email address link.  This will bring you to a new window, the Email Confirmation window
  2. Enter you email address. Then enter it once more in the second line to confirm
  3. Select Submit
  4. To add or edit your Manager/Supervisor information, select the Find Manager link. This will take you to another window.
    • Search for your Manager/Supervisor by entering their last name and first name in the appropriate fields.  Select the Search button.
      • If you do not find the name of your Manager/Supervisor in the list, that means s/he has an incomplete profile in PACE.  S/he needs to complete the profile before the name appears in the list.
      • The Manager’s name and Manager’s email fields will automatically populate when you select the name from the list.
      • The person you select will receive an email notification each time you register, waitlist or cancel out of a class in PACE, you update your profile, or add a learning event.
  5. Select you manager/supervisor name from the drop-down list that appears
  6. Select the Submit button
  7. When all the information in the Email Confirmation window is correct, select Submit. You will see a new window, Administration, Update Profile.

Review and Update Your Profile

Reviewing and Updating Your Profile

  1. Review the information here.  You will note that most fields are grayed out.  This means you cannot change or edit this information. If any information is incorrect, contact your local HR department to request changes.
  2. Select Submit to return to the Home Page

Finding Courses in PACE

Finding Courses in PACE

  1. From the PACE Home page, select the Course Catalog button on the left.
  2. Select Course Catalog.
  3. Select the Search button to view all courses, or enter a keyword, e.g., diversity, and select the Search button.  
  4. To get information about  courses, select the information icon next to the course name.  Information will appear in the right hand column. To enroll in a course, select Enroll.  If the course is full, select Waitlist to be put on the Waitlist

    Tip: To see the course information in full screen, right click the information icon and choose Open Link in New Window from the menu options.

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations

Each Executive Branch agency/department is responsible for covering the accommodation costs, such as Sign Language Interpreters and CART, of their employees. Employees registering for a course who need a reasonable accommodation should contact your Department Training Liaison Officer (DTLO) at least two weeks in advance of the course to coordinate the request. DTLOs must notify HRD Training and Learning Development at least 72 hours in advance of the course start date if an employee needing reasonable accommodations will not be attending the course.

Accessing Your Transcript and Completion Certificates

Accessing Your Transcript and Completion Certificates

  1. From the PACE Home page, select the Transcript Link
  2. Scroll to view all completed classes
  3. Each completed class has a certificate link under the class title
  4. If you wish to print or save your certificate, please select the certificate link
  5. Maximize the window and select the printer icon for a printed or PDF copy of the completion certificate

Find an eLearning Course in PACE

Find an eLearning Course in PACE

  1. From the PACE Home page, select the Student Learning Center
  2. In the Student Learning Center, select Course Catalog
  3. Enter the keyword “eLearning” and select Search
  4. A list of eLearning courses will appear
  5. Select the link of the course name and you'll be brought directly to the course
  6. Select Take Course
  7. Select the link of the course name

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