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Projects funded by MassBays grant programs

MassBays funds work aligned with our mission to protect, restore, and enhance the estuarine ecosystems of Ipswich Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and Cape Cod Bay.

Between 2010 and  2021, MassBays awarded $600,000 for 40 projects to conduct work that identified causes of coastal habitat degradation; developed management plans and recommendations to address coastal water pollution; designed conceptual improvements to stormwater infrastructure, and built local capacity to protect coastal resources including salt marsh, shellfish beds and anadromous fish runs. The projects  resulted in recommendations to address priority management issues in the MassBays planning area. Use the interactive map below to learn more about these projects and their interesting findings. 

Click on the projects list below (projects are listed by region). Please note that the 2020-2021 projects have just started and more information will be available as this projects progress. If you have any questions please contact us here.

Upper North Shore Region

Lower North Shore Region

Metro Boston Region

South Shore Region

Cape Cod Region

Projects across the MassBays regions

Contact for Projects funded by MassBays grant programs

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