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Public access to Housing Court events in Northeast Division

Unless otherwise noted on the Housing Court’s Daily List of events, public access to Housing Court proceedings and events are available, in real time, via audio listen-in by calling the public access telephone lines listed below.

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How to listen to a Housing Court event

To listen to the Housing Court case via a public access telephone line, follow these steps:

1. View the Daily List Report of the Housing Court Division that is conducting the court event.

2. Identify the Session the case is assigned (or Session Location) on the Housing Court’s Daily List Report.

Northeast Housing Court daily list screenshot

3. Call the toll free phone number (listed below) for the assigned session.

4. When prompted, enter the Participant Passcode, include the # symbol on your telephone. 

5. You will be connected to the audio for the event once the event begins. The call will be in “silent-mode,” so you may listen, but will not be heard by the participants or the court during the event. 

Please note that are you prohibited from making any unauthorized recording of the court event.

Public access telephone lines

Division Session designation Courtroom Toll free number Participant code
Northeast Jury Session   888-825-1397 3844503
  Lawrence Session   877-368-4193 2926798
  Lowell Justice Center Session   877-625-8049 8611778
  Lynn Session   888-825-1397 3844503
  Salem Session   888-825-1397 3844503
  Woburn Session   888-825-1397 3844503

If you have difficulty accessing the public access telephone lines for a Housing Court event, you may contact the corresponding Clerk’s Office, see below.



Clerk’s Office & Housing Specialist Department (978) 689-7833


Fenton Judicial Center
2 Appleton St., 2nd Floor
Lawrence, MA 01840
Last updated: July 23, 2020

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