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Public access to Superior Court events in Middlesex County

Public access to Superior Court events is available in real time by calling the Public Access Telephone Lines listed below.

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How to listen to a Superior Court event

To listen to a Superior Court event via a Public Access Telephone Line, follow these steps:

1. Identify the assigned session on the Superior Court’s Daily List Report published on the court’s website (see below example).  

A screenshot of the Middlesex County Superior Court’s Daily List Report

2. Call the toll free phone number (listed below) for the assigned session.

3. When prompted, enter the Participant Passcode, including the # symbol on your telephone. 

4. You will be connected to the audio for the event once the event begins.  You are receiving audio only and are unable to participate the event. 

You are strictly prohibited from making any unauthorized recording of the court event.

Public access telephone lines

County Session designation Superior Court Session/Ct Rm Toll free number Participant code
Middlesex Criminal 1  Woburn Criminal 1 ctrm 430 877-939-6465 5725766#
  Magistrate Session Woburn Magistrate  ctrm 440 877-716-0345 1567982#
  Criminal 2 Woburn Criminal 2 ctrm 530 877-988-6777 4130459#
  Criminal 3 Woburn Criminal ctrm 540 888-889-6420 5948575#
  Criminal Motion Woburn Crim MTNS 4 ctrm 630 877-717-6184 7967794#
  Criminal 5 Woburn Criminal 5 ctrm 640 877-936-8982 9713883#
  Criminal 6 Woburn Criminal 6 ctrm 730 877-952-9580 3875268#
  Criminal 8 Woburn Criminal 8 ctrm 740 877-953-5635 9492922#
  Civil B Woburn Civil B ctrm 720 877-493-8768 5776784#
  Civil C Woburn Civil C ctrm 610 866-953-5257 3781723#
  Civil D Woburn Civil D ctrm 620 866-560-8270 1584405#
  Civil G, Civil J Woburn Civil G & J ctrm 520 866-793-5349 4191542#
  Civil H Woburn Civil H 866-893-9250 1944778#
  Criminal 7 Lowell Lowell Criminal ctrm15 866-917-4771 5180366#
  Civil L1 Lowell CV1 ctrm 17 866-827-5455 6116742#
  Civil L2 Lowell CV2 ctrm 16 866-742-7913 1196304#

If you have difficulty accessing the Public Access Telephone Lines for a Superior Court event, you may contact the Clerk’s Office at (781)939-2700. In some instances, the Superior Court may choose to live stream certain events via YouTube or Zoom.  For more information on a particular live stream event, please contact the Clerk’s Office. 

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