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Social Security

Retirement Guide: Members on or After 4/2/12

Note: this page DOES NOT provide information specific to Social Security benefits.

The information on this page is from PERAC's Public Employee Retirement Guide and discusses the SSA benefit offsets public employees are subject to. For information on your Social Security benefits, please refer to their website at www.ssa.gov.

PERAC cannot provide guidance on Social Security benefits. 

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Social Security

Chapter 32 Offset
The receipt of both a Social Security allowance and a Massachusetts public pension may result in the reduction of the amount received from Social Security in most circumstances. A Massachusetts retirement allowance cannot be reduced as the result of the receipt of any other benefit, with the limited exception of certain recipients of a Federal Civil Service pension. However, federal law requires the reduction of Social Security benefits received when an individual is entitled to both benefits. This reduction is mandated in a variety of circumstances.

Individuals who are eligible to receive benefits from a Massachusetts contributory retirement system and from the federal Social Security Administration, as a result of their own employment, or a combination of their own employment and benefits as a spouse or a surviving spouse, should contact their local Social Security Office for more detailed information.

Date published: July 1, 2015

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