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South Station Expansion - Civic Engagement

Comprehensive and inclusive public involvement is essential to the success of the South Station Expansion Project. MassDOT is engaging all stakeholders in the project, especially seeking input from the users of the station today, who will help us achieve the best possible station for tomorrow.

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Read a project status update and learn how to access and comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report.

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Check for insights from the project team on wide-ranging aspects of the project, from architecture and urban design, to rail engineering and sustainability, to job creation and economic development.

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Check the project website for the time and place of the next public meeting, held at key milestones and accessible to people with disabilities. You can also review presentations from past meetings and submit feedback.

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Contact Project Manager Steve Woelfel to invite a project representative to come to your company or organization to discuss the planning process and hear your ideas and input.

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What else would make it easier for you to participate in the South Station Expansion Project? Send us an email or call (857) 368-8889; TTY: (857) 368-0655.



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