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Stop COVID-19 public messaging graphics

This page is a collection of posters, handouts, flyers, graphics, and signs that can be used in Massachusetts municipal public messaging campaigns.

Table of Contents

Playbook for public alert systems

The COVID-19 Enforcement and Intervention Team (CEIT) has developed a comprehensive public messaging campaign to support high priority communities with persistently high COVID-19 case rates. 

Public Alert Systems, owned and operated by many cities and towns in Massachusetts, offer powerful communication tools to keep residents informed about the COVID-19 situation in their communities. 

This guide provides sample messages for texting, email, and social media. It will help you leverage this important communication platform for COVID-19 communication in your city or town.

Statewide guidelines and advisories (Digital files and printable materials)

Staying safe in the community (Digital files and printable materials)

StopCOVID-19 generic graphics and guides

StopCOVID-19 graphics for cities and towns