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VI. State Grant Posting Requirements

Learn how to post State Grants in COMMBUYS.

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Pursuant to CTR’s policy on State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants and Subsidies, Departments must use COMMBUYS for the following activity related to State Grants:

  • For awards of discretionary grant funding: Distribute the grant application by issuing a COMMBUYS Bid, and post the results of grantee selection by creating an MBPO. Departments must use the Grant Application type code to identify Bids that include grant applications, and Grant Award type code to identify MBPOs showing results of grantee selection.
  • For all discretionary grants, where grantee selection was made through any process other than an open public award process (excluding incidental and earmarked grants): Post a notice of intent to award grant(s) or Best Value Grant Award Notice, as a Bid. Use the Notice of Intent type code to identify such notices.

COMMBUYS provides a designated Commodity Code for Grants (00-00-00, Grant Opportunity) for use by Departments for inclusion in Bid Items and to create notification lists for potential grant applicants. Please note, this commodity code is specific to Massachusetts and COMMBUYS, so no information about the code will be available on the UNSPSC website.

Note: Departments may leave the Type Code field blank if the appropriate type code is not yet available.



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Date published: July 14, 2016
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