Wage Reporting for Reimbursable Employers

As a Governmental or non-profit employer using the reimbursable method, you must still submit quarterly employment and wage detail reports even though you are billed monthly for benefit charges. You must enter UI Gross Wages in addition to Wages Subject to Withholding. UI Gross Wages are required in order to pay benefits.

Table of Contents

Reporting wages as a Reimbursable Employer

To report wages:

  • Login to your UI account
  • Navigate to Employment and Wage Detail Reporting
  • Click on Submit Employment and Wage Detail
  • Select the Year and the Quarter for the filing period
  • Choose a method to submit wages

NOTE:  You  must enter UI Gross Wages in addition to Wages Subject to Withholding


Wage Detail Screen
The above image depicts the Manual Entry wage submission format



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Employer Liability

Revenue collections and enforcement, certificate of compliance

Benefit charges protest and submission

All others, including Business Transfer, Audit, Employment and wage reporting, Rate information