Investor Resources — MCWT

The Massachusetts Clean Water Trust accesses the bond market as needed to manage cash flow demands and issues debt annually utilizing either competitive or negotiated methods of sale. Below investors will find bond sales and financial information.

Historical information that may be of interest to underwriters and owners of bonds issued by the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust is set forth in the documents which are accessible from this page. The information included in the documents is limited in scope and does not contain all material information concerning the Trust and the Trust's bonds necessary to make an informed investment decision, nor do the documents constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the Trust's bonds. The documents presented address only the matters discussed therein, are each dated as of a certain date and have not been updated since that date, and as a result, may not address all factors which may be material to an investor and may contain misleading statements or omissions of fact because of the passage of time or changes in facts or circumstances subsequent to the date of such documents.


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