This page, Business sector reopening guidance for Phase 3, Step 1, is offered by

Business sector reopening guidance for Phase 3, Step 1

At-a-glance reopening protocols for various business types

In accordance with Executive Order #58 effective December 13, 2020, all businesses and communities must adhere to Phase 3, Step 1 until further notice.

Indoor Theaters and Performance Venues:

Closed (except indoor movie theaters, maximum 50 per theater)

Outdoor gatherings at event venues and in public settings:

50 person limit

Outdoor Theater and Performance Venues:

Open – 25% capacity but no more than 50 people

Roller Skating Rinks, Trampolines, Obstacle Courses, Laser Tag, and Escape Rooms:


Arcades, Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Businesses - lower contact activities:

Open, 40% capacity

Driving/Flight Schools:

Open, 40% capacity


Open, 40% capacity


Open, 40% capacity


Open, 40% capacity


Maximum of 6 patrons/table, 90 minute limit/table, Musical performances prohibited

Retail - fitting rooms:

Open for businesses where operation is necessary


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