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Check the current certification status of law enforcement officers here, along with lists of officers under administrative suspension; decertified officers; suspended officers; and recent Commission decisions and orders.

Table of Contents

Consolidated Lists of Officer Status

The consolidated list classifies officer status as outlined below and is current as of July 1, 2024. Please note that this list is updated monthly. Officers with last names Q-Z are not included in this report, as we are still processing recertifications. Please check back next month for the full list of recertified officers.

Note that suspended and administratively suspended officers appear on separate lists below.

A person cannot be hired or employed as a law enforcement officer in Massachusetts without POST certification.

  • Certified: Officer has met the necessary requirements and is certified for three years
  • Not Certified: Officer has not satisfied all recertification requirements (i.e., failed to complete the required training, is out on excused leave, or has a disciplinary matter)
  • Not Certified (Excused Leave): Officer is on extended leave (medical, military, family or administrative) and has not met recertification requirements
  • Conditionally Certified: Officer has met some recertification requirements, and must satisfy all requirements within a specified time frame
  • Administrative Suspension: Officer fails to complete in-service training requirements within 90 days of the deadline imposed by the Commission; or an officer with a duty to report information to the Commission fails to report such information
  • Decertified: A decertified officer cannot work for a law enforcement agency in any capacity.
  • Under Review: POST needs more information to process the recertification application and/or the officer is challenging a certification decision
  • Unassociated: An officer not currently employed by a law enforcement agency
  • School Resource Officer: (SRO) An individual who is either a duly sworn municipal police officer with all necessary training and up-to-date certificates, including special SRO certification as required by M.G.L. c. 6E, § 3, or an officer appointed by the chief of police who is specially charged with providing law enforcement, promoting school safety and security services to elementary and secondary public schools, and maintaining a positive school climate for all students, families, and staff.

List of Decertified Officers

Suspended Law Enforcement Officers

Administratively Suspended Law Enforcement Officers

Commission Decisions, Orders and Reviews

Read recent Commission decisions here.

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