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GIC Coordinator Manuals

The following coordinator manuals are a comprehensive guide to GIC benefit procedures.

All state agencies including housing and redevelopment agencies who provide GIC benefits to their employees cannot offer any benefits through non-GIC carriers if the GIC provides these benefits.  

For easy reference, please file this in a three-ring binder. If you have any additional questions about GIC benefits or procedures, browse the GIC website, or call the GIC Operations Department at (617) 727-2310.

GIC forms are on this website.

Please keep in mind that respecting the privacy rights of employees is imperative for all GIC Coordinators and that insurance coverage is protected information. Under no circumstances are you to give or solicit personal information about your employees, even with other agencies, including law enforcement personnel, without first checking with your agency’s legal counsel. Doing so is a potential violation of state and federal law.

Please remember to give all new employees and all employees at Annual Enrollment a GIC Benefit Decision Guide.

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